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If you have any questions about fitting or measurements for any item, please contact us at leathercreekholsters@hotmail.com 



It is imperative that we have the correct measurements for the items you order. Your items will be processed with those measurement, therefore your accurate measurement is of extreme importance, and it will be your responsibility to measure correctly. Below you will find how to measure correctly for custom items.


Measuring for Pant or Jean Belts:

**Use a tape measure (please do not try to guess or go by the size of your jeans or pants you wear).

**Measure around your waist over your pants or jeans belt loops for an accurate waist measurement.


Measuring for Gun Cartridge Belts:

**Using a tape measure, measure around your hips about 2-1/2 inches below your waist, this should be your hip measurement where your gun belt will ride.


Measuring for your Gun Barrel Length:

**Revolvers: Measure from the end of the muzzle to the face of the cylinder.

**Automatics: Measure from the end of the muzzle to the rear portion of the ejection port.


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