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Order Form

 Leather Creek Holsters Order Form

(Printable Order Form)


Please enter your mailing and contact information below, along with additional information for the appropriate item you are ordering, such as holster, belt, or rig, etc.  On your belt and rig orders, please read the way to measure for these items on our “Fitting” page.  This information is necessary to ensure your order is made correctly. Thank you!


Customer Information:


First Name                                                      Last Name


Street Address/P.O. Box Number


City                                                   State                                            Zip Code


Email address




Specific Information for Holster and/or Belt Orders:



Holster Model                                                     Holster Description



Right Hand Draw   1


Left Hand Draw   1


Both Right and Left Hand Draw   1




Gun Maker                    Gun Model                   Barrel Length                 Caliber



Waist Measurement                                                Hip Measurement



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