The KIS Holster
"Keepin' It Sippel"

I designed this holster to better serve those that want to conceal carry the bigger revolvers, single action revolvers, and autos.  I worked very hard on the design and when I was done I stepped back and looked at it and thought to myself, "Oh crap! I just re-invented the pancake holster."

Oh well.  It works well, carries well, and looks good.  They are gun specific.  Look them over and if you would like one send us an Email.  The price ranges from $45.00 for the smaller holsters (LCP, P238, etc.) to $60.00 for the full size guns. 





As you can see from the pictures, the KIS will carry just about anything from an N frame Smith and Wesson to the little Sig P238.  Just recently we've added patterns for the Walther PK380, the Ruger LC9 and now the Smith and Wesson SHIELD and the Springfield XDS.  I even have one for the Taurus Judge. 

The regular KIS is hand boned to fit the gun.  It is made from 8 to 10 oz. leather so it holds its shape as well as keeping the gun secure.  Several customers that have ordered this holster for the bigger autos like the Glock 21 and the Sig 220 have told me how much they like the way the holster rides and holds the gun close to their body.  Having two widely spaced belt loops spreads the weight of the gun out on the belt rather than pulling down in one place like a conventional style holster.  I usually have some for the more common guns like Glock, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, Sig Sauer, etc. in stock and ready to go out the door. 

If you would prefer a border design, basketweave, the diamond pattern, or something similar, I will do that at no extra charge but they are not usually made up and in stock.  Western Floral Carving costs extra.

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