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The Outlaw Rig

Bring out your inner OUTLAW! The “Olive” Holster and 2” Belt similar to the one worn by an unshaven, long haired, obviously hydrophobic hero of a current railroad based TV western. The "Olive" holster is named for the shape of the skirt on back of the holster. The too short (51/2") Mexican double loop holster is unlined, is cut in the traditional manner so that it will fit just about any single action handgun from a Ruger Super Blackhawk to an 1860 Colt Army to the 1851 Colt Navy to a Griswold & Gunnison. The smaller the gun frame gets, the sloppier the holster fit gets but that's the way it was designed in the old days. The belt is 2" wide and also a single thickness. $90.00 for the rig.